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2018 TLC Survey

April 23rd- May 25th, 2018

Pittsburgh Public Schools has been administering the Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey (TLC) since 2010 as a forum for educators to provide their honest, anonymous perspective on the teaching and learning conditions within their school. Since the beginning the District has worked with the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers to encourage high levels of participation to ensure that results are truly reflective of educator perceptions. Thanks to this collaboration and the continued efforts of our educators, the TLC Survey has consistently achieved 90% participation or higher, the strongest participation in the country.

The survey measures responses to multiple items in each of 8 constructs. The 8 constructs are:

Time: Available time to plan, collaborate and provide instruction with minimal barriers to maximizing time during the school day.

Facilities and Resources: Availability of instructional, technological, office, communication, and school resources for staff.

Community Support and Involvement: Community and parent/guardian communication and influence in the school.

Managing Student Conduct: Policies and practices to address student conduct issues and ensure a safe school environment.

Teacher Leadership: Teacher involvement in decisions that impact classroom and school practices.

School Leadership: The ability of school leadership to create trusting, supportive environments and address teacher concerns.

Professional Development: Availability and quality of learning opportunities for educators to enhance their teaching.

Instructional Practices and Support: Data and supports available to teachers to improve instruction and student learning.

Each year the survey results are intended to support District and school-based efforts to ensure educators have the most effective learning environments for educators to teach and students to learn. Over the years, the District and our individual schools have used the survey results to strategically improve working conditions for educators and ultimately improve the learning environment for all students.

This year’s survey administration will take place from April 23-May 25, 2018. We look forward to hearing from you!