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Who will take the survey?
All school-based licensed professionals, including teachers (special education teachers included), administrators, school social workers and counselors, school nurses, full-time substitutes (staff should have been at their school for at least 90 days), and paraprofessionals. Early childhood and early intervention teachers will be taking a separate survey tailored to their specific needs.  Additionally, coaches do not take the survey, unless they also serve as educators in your building.

How do I access the survey?
The survey is available online at The survey can be accessed at any computer with internet access from April 23 to May 25.  If you are using Internet Explorer browser to access the survey please ensure you are using version 10 or later.

Why should I take the survey again? 
Taking the survey each year allows us to gather current and accurate information, and build on the work happening in schools as a response to past survey data. Results from the Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey inform District and school-based decision-making and provide a more comprehensive picture of the teaching and learning environments in our schools. Your feedback is crucial to helping measure success, growth, and change at the school and District levels over time.

How are last year’s results being used?
Last year, 94% of survey respondents provided comprehensive and essential information about teaching and learning conditions in their school. Not only are many school teams utilizing last year’s survey results to create and implement action plans toward improvement at the school-level, but we are taking the following steps at the District-level:

  • Identifying Differentiated Support Needed by Schools: School-level survey results are used to recommend areas of focus, provide feedback on school improvement plans, and connect schools with resources to support their school improvement plan.
  • Recommendations for Innovative Programs and Initiatives: Teacher perception data is used at the District-level to help inform priorities regarding programming in specific schools and throughout the District.

Who can see the results of the survey?
Once the survey closes on May 25th, The New Teacher Center begins to analyze data and create reports that will be available at the beginning of the school year so that staff can review their school-level data. Please note that the data is reported out on the District and school level, not on the individual level.

If I am an educator who works in more than one building, what do I do regarding the survey?
You should take the survey for the location where you spend the majority of your time. If you split your time equally between two buildings (50%-50%), you should take the survey for both buildings.  If you equally spend your time between more than two buildings then you may decide if you would like to take the survey at all of the locations that you spend your time or only at one of the locations.  If you decide not to take the survey at one of your locations please inform the TLC Liaison so that he/she can ensure that there is an accurate headcount at that school.  

If I am an adjunct teacher do I still take the survey?
Yes, all adjunct teachers should take the survey.

What is a survey access code and where can I get one?
Survey access codes are unique identifiers that allow individuals at a given school to log onto the survey and complete it. This access code is NOT linked to an individual, but is linked to your school. A unique access code is printed on each of the access code letters. The TLC Liaison in each school will distribute the code letters during a staff meeting once the survey opens.  

What happens if I lose my access code?
If you lose your access code letter, contact the TLC Liaison for you school and he or she will contact the Survey Help Desk or Teaching and Learning Environment team to request an additional survey access code. 

What if someone at my school has trouble accessing the survey?
In the event of difficulty accessing the survey, please contact the Survey Help Desk. The Help Desk is open from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call: 1-866-301-2454 x 16 or email 

How can I be sure that the survey is anonymous?
The number of licensed educators at each school was calculated and used to specify the number of unique access codes necessary for each school. No identifying information was used to generate the access codes. In order to further ensure anonymity, at least 50% participation is required for schools to receive school-level data. If fewer than five paraprofessionals complete the survey in your building, then school-level paraprofessional results are not shared; however, this data is used in District-wide results.

How can I tell if my school is making progress with completing the survey? 
Participation level information is available in real time at