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PPS off to a Strong Start on 2017 TLC Survey!

published on 05-03-2017 12:00 PM

CONGRATULATIONS to Pittsburgh Greenfield K-8 for being the first school to reach 100% participation on the 2017 TLC Survey!  Also, shout-out to Pittsburgh Miller K-5, Pittsburgh Sunnyside K-8,

Pittsburgh Public Schools Leaders Weigh in on Teaching Conditions

published on 04-17-2017 08:00 AM


"Your feedback since 2010 has helped the District and the PFT work collaboratively to improve the working conditions for educators.  As we strive to become a District of

Announcing the 2017 PPS Teaching and Learning Conditions Survey

published on 04-17-2017 07:55 AM

2017 TLC Survey

April 24th- May 31st, 2017

As our front line staff, with the most direct impact on students, it is important